About us

About Us.

I have worked all my life in Marketing, Accounting and Administrative setup of an Entertainment Behemoth. With more than 26 years of experience in the field, i know a little bit. So i recently decided to share it in the form of a Blog before its too late.

  • Experience in working at Media. Created Marketing Plans for seven-figure Clients. Liaison between Clients, Creative teams to get to the final product and running of successful campaigns. Liaison with Accounting Department for outstanding dues of clients.
  • Experience in working at Pharmaceutical Co. Distribution Center’s Accounting Department as Assistant. Compilation of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Sales figures. Liaison with CPA for requirement of Regulatory papers for Branch Transfers of Pharmaceuticals. Reconciliation of Accounts Payable. Requisitioning Inter-state Regulatory papers for Selling of Pharma Goods. Maintenance of Outstanding Dues statement of Accounts Receivables.
  • Experience in working as an Accountant at a Housing Project of 50+ units of 1500Sqft. Maintenance of Books, Bank Reconciliation, Annual Finalization of Accounts. Preparation of Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Liaison with City Authorities for submission of Annual Finalized Accounts and getting timely approvals.

It’s all about Business, Accounting, Finance, and Investments.